832S problems

I have the Liteon 832S with firmware VS0A. I am having trouble with DVD+RW disk. After I burn the image it will only work in the burner. I tried using the booktype utility from liteon, but it saids can’t detect writer. The burner works fine with CDs, DVD-R. The dvd+RW doesn’t read in my toshiba SD-M1612.

any ideas??

Ok. This my be a dumb suggestion, but did you remember to do a close disk command on the dvd+rw ?

Doesn’t sound the slightest bit dumb to me. Good suggestion…

Welcome. :slight_smile:

What are you writing to the disc and what software are you writing it with?

Hi guys, I am using nero. I was also using a LG4040B with the same Memorex DVD+RW with no problems. I am sure I closed the disk by using no multisession.

Any Ideas why the booktype.exe doesn’t work with the 832S? I think if I can get the booktype to work then it will work with the order DVD-ROM.

Sounds like a driver problem. Are you using NForce IDE drivers. Is your ASPI working. Use Nero Infotool/ASPI tab to check this.

Try using KProbe 2. Tools menu/Bit Setting…