832S problem with TY T02 mdeia



I managed to buy some Taiyo Yuden T02 media. (DVD+R)
But when burnt with 812S@832S the results were disappointing.
The initial region had a surge of PI, no matter the firmware. In fact I tried to change it back to 812S or use hacked 832S firmware and even CG3E, no hope of solving it.
Does anyone know the solution?


writes in 8х on this dvd: ISO-files(650-700 mb):

p.s 832 original.


That doesn’t look so bad… the average is quite good.


@ trentcys
That would be an acceptable within spec burn if not for the out-of-spec tower/mountain at the end…I bet that freezes there…too bad. Could these be fake TY’s? Try clearing the eeprom learnt memory.

@ Widok
Welcome:) Nice burn!


Yea I know the average is pretty much acceptable.
But the mountain does matter if u feed such a disc into a DVD player (Mine is Philips Q50)
: (

I’ve did a quick search across the forums, and seems quite some people are having such problem.