832S or a 1213S ? what should i get

hi i have a 811S and now a nec 2510A and i want to get a new Liteon well one beter than that 811S ( :frowning: ) what should i get ???

there both the same price

832S or a 1213S ??? what should i get :confused: :sad:

Welcome. :slight_smile:

I would get the 1213S (and I already have) but you will need to be patient while LiteOn gets the firmware sorted.

by the way i still got my first drive as well the Pioneer DVR-A03 still works if only at x2 i dont want to get rid of it as it cost me over 500 now you can get a drive for under 50 wow i still got the box and all the cds :slight_smile:

so i will get or that drive 1213S do you think it can be set to DL ?? and speed up to 16 ??

thanks again


I bought one. :wink:

ok i will get the 1213S :slight_smile:

the 832s is a DL burner, 2.4x

i have one and i like it, its a fine burner, but if speed is an issue for u then go for the other one, no DL but faster

i got a nec 2510A so the dl is fine but i like the idea of geting maybe a 16x out of this drive so the 1213S looks ok just hope it can be uped to a 16 x DL will the DL be 2.4 or faster ?? what do you think ??

need some info as i will be geting this in morning :slight_smile:

thanks as ever scooterx

im not even sure it can be uped to DL

You might also want to follow this [thread=102992]thread[/thread]. Bit worried about talk of the 16x5S replacing the 16x3S. 16x5S has different hardware. Impressive specs though 52x32x52x 16x16x16x :eek:.

now i have no idea what drive to get as i have a DL drive in the nec i would like to get the 12x liteon but with all the probs i have seen with this drive it makes me think again

hmm 832S may not be the one for me i mite just get the 1213S for the speed of the cdr at 48x and the dvd at 12x

by the looks of it liteon are not being the best they can be hehe :slight_smile:

thanks for al the info u lot :eek: :eek: hope this works out

now what was it i was going out for today hmm ??? :confused: :smiley:

One result looks promising. If you look at the changing writing stratigies result thread, 4th page, beach-hobo burned a rico R01 at 12x, with pretty good results. I have this media, and I’m waiting for my 1213S to get here from lite on.

I still have my 1x scsi pinnacle ricoh cd writer I paid US$2000 for… I will be glad to exchange it for your $500 drive… :slight_smile: , no box so I will throw in a few free cd’s…

its ok i still got me scsi RICOH CD-RW MP 6200S and a YAMAHA 16-10-40 scsi cdrw`s me ricoh was about 400 and the Yamaha was about 250

by the way i am from the uk so its not in $`s

as ever sc00terx :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :smiley:

oh yep and they hade no 1213S left so hade to go for a 832S :o :eek:

now i got me 832S what can i do to tweak it a bit :slight_smile:

Load VS0A in OP. Apply recommended tweaks. Enable faster read speed (+R DL 6x to 8x). Earlier shift (faster burn). Shift fix if you plan to use MCC002 or RICOHJPNR01. :slight_smile:

Hi Sc00terx,

Can you please tell me where you bought the 832S in UK?
How long did it take to arrive, after you placed the order.


Lite-On SOHW-832s01C DUAL LAYER DVD-Writer, Retail

Item currently in stock

£45.59 Ex VAT
£53.57 Inc VAT


or pop in to your local pcworld and pick one up for 89

went for a 832 when i found out he hade no 1213S left and i got a nec nd-2510

i got both my drives cheap off a m8 36 for the nec and 38 for the liteon

but as far as i know scan are ok used to get stuff off them a long time ago


Overclockers UK has the 832S for £45.95+VAT here:

Thanks C0deKing. I have ordered the 832SX (as I needed an externel one) for 65.49 at: