832s (oem): Bitsetting error


my 832s (sony u18a, CG5J, ASPI 4.60!) doesn’t bitset/ booktype anymore (after new XP-installation).

Using Liteon’s Tool (http://www.liteonit.com/ODD/Zip/BookType135.zip) I can’t change booktype from +r to -r or at least I can’t see the difference afterwards…

How can I check if it works still properly?

Many thanks in advance!



You can only change DVD+R(W) to DVD-ROM. DVD-R cannot be booktyped. The result is visible after you make the burn, I always check it in KProbe when I make a scan.

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that’s what I tried to do:

change from +r 2 -r

for my panasonic dvd-player…


I’ll check

Will never work.
Explained before.

@ afrika

I don’t know how you tried to do that, the booktype utility doesn’t even give you that option. If you managed to get it right, and it shows DVD-ROM, check your disk in your Panasonic dvd-player if it will play. Not all Panasonic players play booktyped dvd’s.

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sorry, dvd-rom

I think better than dvd+r.

Is it showing DVD-ROM, did you check after the burn? And, most important, does it play well in your player?

Edit: I just checked, you can also use the LiteOn Booktype Utility to check the booktype after you burned the dvd.

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The whole thing is because my Panasonic RV32 doesn’t like/ play DVD+Rs…

Therefore I try to use good +Rs for burning (Ricoh 8x) which worked fine (with W2K + Nero6) before I installed XP & Nero 7…

I don’t know what changed.

Use Nero 6 instead of v7 and you could easily use -R for your Pana.