832S - Liteon v's Sony Firmware?

I’m having a problem reading some DVD’s in my 832S drive. The DVD’s I can’t read with my 832S drive can be played on just about every other DVD player/burning/ROM I have access to, so it is a problem with my Liteon Drive.

I’ve upgraded the firmware to the latest Liteon version VS0E however this has not fixed my problem. All the latest firmware upgrades for my drive seemed to be aimed at media compatability, so I’m assuming this may be a common problem with the Liteon drive.

Could anybody advise whether there may be a latter firmware version available that may solve my problem ?? I tried to install the Sony VY08 version (downloaded from Sony) however could upgrade this as it came back with an error as it couldn’t find the Sony DRU-700A drive.

Any help appreciated


A word of advice, only flash to a different drives FW if your drive is working properly, we only use hacked FW etc to get better quality burns and for compatability for more media, if your drive has a suspected hardware fault do not flash it to a different drives FW it can make it 10x worse and will invalidate any warranty.