832s lights turn red and orange all the time


I have a problem since a few days where my 832s is very slow at burning.
The light indicator on the front keeps blinking red/orange, also in Nero I can see that the buffer is nomore than 50% and then it goes back to 0%. Normally the light indicator is only red and the buffer is always at 98%.

The dvd’s I’ve burned are also not playable. Is my 832s broken?

Thx in advance


Welcome :slight_smile:
Looks like you have not read the FAQ, Why is my drive burning and/or reading so slow and poorly? :). The flashing LED indicates buffer underruns which are probably cause by a disabled DMA (or a fragmented hard disk, active virus scanner or source harddisk and burner on the same ide bus).

Hi, also if you have used Nero InfoTool since powering up the machine. try powering it off and on (a soft reset is NOT enough). This was a known problem happening at least with 811s and 812s (and probably others).