832s 'learning' the wrong way?

Alright, I’m starting to get really annoyed with my 832s. I would love to upgrade it, but bank balance doesn’t exactly permit that.

It seems to be ‘learning’ in a negative way - each progressive burn with my Ricoh-branded RICOHJPNR02-003 DVD+R’s yields worse results!

I’m using CG5J firmware, havn’t tried the ricohs on anything else, but given the posts around herre, the codeguys FW produces the best write results with this media.

Here’s a couple of scans - see

First burn:

Each burn is progressively worse (about 5 burns so far) until this burn:

… which is what the drive produced a few minutes ago :frowning:

Any suggestions? Time to reset learnt information perhaps?

Yes. Reset the learnt information. It can do no harm. A couple of bad discs can screw up the learnt info.

Hmm. Tried resetting the learnt info, and check out my result:

It got WORSE :(.

For reference, the rest of my burning system:

  • AthlonXP 2200+ @ 1.8GHz, 133MHz FSB

  • ASUS A7V8X VIA KT333 Motherboard, using it’s onboard ATA133 controller, drives are in UDMA Mode 2

  • ATi / Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro w/ aftermarket fan (could fan EM noise affect things?)

  • Thermaltake Soprano case w/ 400W Thermaltake PSU
    — 120MM intake fan at front, 120MM exhaust fan at back, 80MM intake fan at side, Thermaltake Volcano 9 CPU cooler with 80MM fan, PSU has 80MM fan at back and 120MM fan on bottom.

  • Creative Sound Blaster Live! DE on PCI slot 3/5

  • PixelView PlayTV TV Tuner on PCI slot 5/5

  • Seagate 7200.7 200GB ATA133 HDD Primary Master

  • Samsung 120GB SpinPoint 7200RPM Primary Slave

  • Sony DDU-1611 as Secondary Master

  • LiteON SOHW-832S as Secondary Slave

I’m using Dragon rounded uATA cables - most people don’t seem to be having problems with rounded cables, and these are pretty decent ones so I doubt whether that’s the cause.

It takes a few burns to improve.
But it is still strange, lite-on’s like +r (at least mine).

Try switching the Lite-On to secondary master. It is recommended that drives used for burning be set as master - helps with data transfer… (Supposedly)