832s Freezing @ 100% / Lead Out's

Ok I don’t know if my drive is dying or what is wrong but I’m having some issues recently.

For the past 7+ discs I’ve tried to burn the disc hangs at 100%. Using CloneDVD it sticks on the Flushing Borders end of the burn , I’ve tried Recode2 and also just ripping the movie into an .iso or all .vob files and that and burning with Nero but it doesn’t work either , gives me coasters.

I’ve reset the EEPROM flashed back to VS0G firmware then back to C5G5 and still won’t burn anything now.

I really didn’t pay attention before this happened but lately I’ve been keeping an eye on the led and it changes to orange a couple times during the burn which I thought was buffer underruns but I’m not sure. I do have DMA enabled and everything has burnt fine up until now

The media I’ve burnt over 40 without problems until now. I also have another 832S drive in another computer and just to make sure it wasn’t somehow the media I burnt on that drive as well and did it without any problems. Only difference was I used DVDShrink but I don’t see how that would be any different since nero burns it.

My guess is that my drive is dying but maybe someone knows why it might be doing this and could suggest some things otherwise I’ll probably have to get a new NEC or something.

could really be dying…

Is your 832S a true 832S or a cross-flashed 832s (Eg 812s@832s)?

It is a true 832S drive.

I should also update I managed to burn two discs with sucess but the quality of the burns are worse then I was getting previously to this problem with the same media.

First one I read the drive light changing orange could mean information isn’t getting to the burner fast enough to burn so I dropped the speed down from 8x to 6x and it actually finished the burn this time.

Doing a Kprobe scan with this though gave me PI Max of about 480 (Was 100 previously) and PI max around 12 (was 4-5 previously)

The discs played without any errors though but I still don’t like the quality of that.

Second burn I changed the write strategies for the media from Fujifilm03 which they are to Taiyo Yuden TYG02 which I head improves quality for Fujifilm03 discs.

I tried burning at 8x though after doing this and it finished the burn instead of hanging at 100% but still got the quality of the first one with PI of around 450 and PIFs at around 11.

Still really unsure of what else I can try , open to any suggestions.

If I can’t figure it out I’ll probably order a new BenQ , NEC or LG Drive on Monday.