832s eeprom question

I used ltnflash to read my drive’s eeprom and I found out that there is a string “SONY.CORPORATION” inside!

What is this supposed to mean, and why should this string exist in the eeprom of a lite-on drive?

Sony and Liteon have a “Strategic Partnership”

Open your drive and you’ll see Sony printed on the board.

hmm, I knew about the partnership but I didn’t imagine that it could be seen in the eeprom too…a friend of mine owns a 411s and it is reported as such in the eeprom

Back in the day, 812S drives internally identified themselves as SOHW-812S. And then somewhere down the line, one of the firmware revisions changed that internal identification was changed to DW-U18A (the Sony rebadge of the 812S) (BTW, by “internal” identification, I mean that you normally would not see this identification… the “external” identification never exhibited this curious behavior). Ironically, the DW-U18A is old enough that its firmware internally identifies not as a U18A, but as a 812S. :wink: So starting with some fw revision, this was changed. It’s not anything that really matters, as it doesn’t affect anything. My best guess is that because LiteOn compiles its firmwares from a common source, they probably were just lazy and left that setting at Sony (for the Sony rebadges) and never bothered to change it when compiling their own. shrugs I mean, unless someone pokes around things that they aren’t suppose to poke around, they shouldn’t even notice, so why bother? :wink:

so, just to clear things:
Sony U18A = Liteon 812s (sony is a rebardge of liteon)
Sony DRU-700 = Liteon 832s (sony is a rebardge of liteon)

any others?
the sony 530 is not liteon?

getting a sony or liteon is the same? if the same hardware just rebadge?


Referring specifically to the drives above, yes. The only difference is the firmware, otherwise the hardware is identical.

Yes there are more. I know that Pacific Digital, TDK, TEAC, BusLink, and GigaByte (among others) have been LiteOn drives sometimes too. I don’t have specific model numbers at the moment. I know there are more as LiteOn is a huge OEM dealer, just can’t think of them off the top of my head.

No it’s not.

check this post:
U18 = liteon 812 or OEM of sony 530 ???

Many retailers have been confused and mistakenly identify the U18A as a rebadge of the 530A, and the two are not the same. It looks like that the same is going to happen with the U20A (LiteOn 1213S) and the 540A (Optorite).

this is the same for a lot of things…
see the dye g04 used by many manufacturer for dvd,

the Seat alhambra, vw sharan, ford galaxy that are made on the same production lines (no more the galaxy). Just at the end of the line the accessories are different…

Do you know that it’s also the same for the wash powder ? Procter and Gamble owns the most of the brand and so its near the same but with a different name…

etc etc

DW-D18A = SOHW-832S

:eek: wasn’t dru-700 the equivalent to liteon 832s ??

It’s a drive with many names…

DW-D18A == DRU-700A == SOHW-832S

are there two x18x drives?

U18A = 812s or dru-530
D18A = dru-700 = 832s


I guess the D stands for double layer, other than that it’s the same drive

Yes, the DW-D18A could be considered the bulk version of the DRU-700A. The DW-U18A differs from the DW-D18A in that the DW-D18A burns double layer discs.

Here’s a list of all of the bulk Sony Half-Height models that have been available:
Sony DW-U10A = Sony DRU-500A
Sony DW-U12A = Sony DRU-500AX
Sony DW-U14A = Sony DRU-510A
Sony DW-U18A = Liteon SOHW-812S
Sony DW-D18A = Liteon SOHW-832S

thanks for the information.

btw, why do they call them half-hight (sohw for ex)? are there full height?

I think I’ve seen a FH drive in a photo once… they are rare… maybe FH devices were used in the early days, before they could miniaturize things? :confused:

I’ve seen some old 5 1/2" floppy drives that were probably considered full-height. I haven’t been around long enough to know :wink:

The original IBM PC had two full-height 5.25" 360K floppy drives running at a whopping 4.77-MHz with a monochrome monitor. :wink: Even the 10-MB hard drive was a full height, which had replaced one of the 5.25"s. This was back in 1986.

do they call it half-height because of a technology 20 years ago :confused:

if you mean those 5 1/4" floppy drives, i remember them…
but that means i am an advanced user, as i have a half-height High Density (1.2MB) 5 1/2" floppy drive somewhere in the junk room :wink: