832S - can these DVD-R burns be improved?

Hi. Finally got this drive to actually work.

So I have a bunch of these Memorex DVD-Rs left…they are CMCMAGAF1 type, 4x max. So I burned one disc at 4x and it was really bad because, well, look below. Another was burned at 2x and that was better.

So is there any way to improve the burn further? Would the 2x one work in a set top player? I have a picky laptop DVD-ROM and it would only read the 2nd burn.

Another question: are set top dvd players able to read DVD+R or DVD-R discs more easily, or does it depend on how well the disc is burned?


Can someone at least tell me if that’s a decent burn? Otherwise maybe the drive is crappy? The drive came with some of that Taiyo Yuden what-not DVD+R, and that burned a lot better, as in PI < 20 and PIF < 10. If the drive is crappy, I want to have the chance to switch it.

How is the reading curve in Nero dvd speed?