832S Bitsetting


I’ve been using DVD-R media and am planning on switching to DVD+R but don’t want to have to remember to bitset. How do I auto bitset? I am on the new VS08 firmware.

Do I need to use Omnipatcher? Is that easy? Is there a guide?

Also, if I patch the firmware will I need to load future firmware with omnipatcher or can I just use the official firmware. I have an 832S (real thing).


It was real easy when I tried it. I just loaded the firmware I downloaded from the VS08 thread, clicked the auto-bitsetting checkbox, and saved it under a new name. Flashed it with the new firmware and its worked fine.

Since you have the real 832S, you will not need to patch the firmware. I have not used the omnipatcher but I believe that it has a feature that will allow you to autobitset automaticaly by default.
Whenever there is a new fw release you do not need to patch it but you may need to use ominipatch to redo the autobitseting feature.

Is that for definate. Just use Omnipatcher. Do I need to download the firmware, and then patch, then apply or can the patch be applied to the firmware in situ?


if auto bitsetting is enabled, copying data DVD will also have bitsetting? or only video ones will be auto bitsetted?

The drive does not distinguish between data and video, as video is just a special form of data. All +R and +RW burns will be affected by auto-bitsetting.

will it have effects on multisession? not detecting them as +R or +RW will make any bad effects.

Dunno. Never actually used multisession before. :o

For +RW, though, you have the option (with 832S VS05 and later or with any of the 3S drives) to use instant +RW bitsetting to flip between the two without losing any data.