832s & best Firmware: VSOM or CG5J?!


I’m still not convinced if VSOM or CG5J (http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html) is the best Firmware for my 832s.

Main problem: didn’t find a perfect way (that works always) to burn movies that run without any errors on my Panasonic RV32 yet…

Already tried Verbatim, Ricoh, TDK & Tevion (with changed booktype).

Thanks for your help.



post some nero cd-dvd speed disc quality scans made @4x. every drive behaves different.

why only 4x and not 8x?

the scan should be done @4x because it’s the forum standard for comparison. for drives including 1635S and newer the forum standard scan speed is 8x.

@4x or 8x?

Sometimes I had the impression that the 8x result (Kprobe) is better than the 4x - therefore I burn (Nero6) as fast as possible!?

burning speed doesn’t matter. the scan speed should be 4x.

/brenngeschwindigkeit ist egal. der scan sollte mit 4x gemacht werden.

this means the burning-quality is the same with 8x and 4x?

no, writing quality can vary every time. usually you should burn media at its rated speed, below only when the quality isn’t good.