832S always problems PI end of discs

Hello, I searched for something similar but didnt find anything good.

I keep burning RICOHJPN01s with my 832S and half of them must go to the dump, they’re supposed to be great no?

Almost all of those bad burns are caused by a big PI slope starting from 2/3
to the end of the disc, increasing rapidly to end over 300+, even the good ones almost always slope but end up under 250 so I keep them for now.

I tried some dvd-rs like memorex but this burner is a joke with -R, can barely burn one correctly.
Yes I only try low speeds like 2/2.4/4x, I used a CG03 firmware and now use VS0B, also tried changing the ricoh 01 strategy to 02 and some random things.

Maybe some other write strat would work better?
The PI average is quite good, seems to stay under 10 until the slope begins.
So might it just be the discs, what can I try? I’m getting mad with this pos, my previous LG was burning everything fine, even the -Rs.
tks a lot, I’m sure this combo works well after seeing your pi graphs but nothing seems to work here.

Try a 4x burn of a 4x +RW or an R01 using Nero CD-DVD Speed create data disc and post the BLER scan results using [post=678310]KProbe v2.4.2[/post].

BTW: To save and attach a KProbe scan:
After the scan is complete, click the small diskette button on the toolbar and at the save as dialog select a file type of .PNG. Attach the saved file to your post by using the “Manage Attachments” button in the “Go Advanced” post mode.

Here’s one, a memorex at 4x.
It’s actualy a “good” one, except that the PIF is way too high, always happens too, even when PI seems ok PIF is often over 8.
Most of the times the raise in PI starts sooner and end up higher, reaches 500 sometimes… I also burn around 4.25/4.3 gig to help with the max at the end.
And that’s always at 2.4 and 4x, no faster.