832 Question: CG3E best firmware?



I’m currently running a Sony DW-U18A@832 and recently bought some Sky (Prodisc R03) media at Compmedia (since their Baldwin Park storefront is a mile away). As the term says, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it” but I’m wondering if I’ll benefit in any way to the CG5G/CY58 firmware releases and if so, which one. Here’s my recent KProbe on this media:


Looks good at the moment. Just save your EEPROM with the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v2[/thread] first and then try the later firmwares. If they don’t work as well then restore the EEPROM and flash back to CG3E :wink:


for me, best firmware for my Liteon 832s is VS0B :cool:


What firmware versions have you tried and, how’s it do with Ricoh media?


I tried all original and hacked firmware but I optained the best quality results with VS0B firmware on my original Liteon 832s. :bow:


I get the best results with the VSOA firmware, but havent tried the VSOB firm though for the liton 832s.


I have an 451@832 with CG3G.

The CG3E was slowing my drive down, while CG3G did not. And G burned the disc a little better too.

To the topic poster, I would keep the fw. I mean, that scan is almost perfect. If you do want to try another fw, save the EEPROM before flashing a new fw into your drive. Not satisfied? Put everything back on :slight_smile:

And that with Prodisc… Some people get all the luck :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you burned Ricoh discs with that drive & fw?
When I bought my 832S I gave my 451 to a friend.
I may be advising her on FW, so just wondering.


there is no CG3G.

CG3E or CG5G?