832 how do you make a disk without errors?

i think this drive needs to go back to newegg or maybe the garbage can…EVERY DVD i wrote with it is full of errors…i’m extremely pissed about this…even 4x dvd+rw are full of errors??? I’ve tried diff firmwares including CG3B…i never had this trouble with my NEC…someone please tell me the truth…these drives are crap huh?

No! These drives are NOT crap.
Be specific as to your problems, which discs are you using etc.
I bought a SOHW 812S “by accident” and have exactly the opposite experience to you. I was worried that it was not the best that I could have bought, but it turned out to be great. I get great burns, and everything plays on my set-top player etc.
Give us more details - the very best support network exists here - be positive!

i’m using CG3B with the tweaks applied with ricohjpnro1-c2 and ricohjpnw11-01 and ritek ro3-01 the scans look terrible…the dvdrw disks are unreadable…the video disks skip and are full of errors.

there are problems with the ritek r03-001 media dvd+r at 6-8x.
burn those only at 4x. I don’t know why you are having problems with the ricoh media, because i never used any!
seems to me your problems are dependent on the media you use. Try prodisc +r’s, they can be purchased cheap and work excellent in my 832. For +rw, try verbatim.

Yeah I agree, the solution is to get rid of it and get someting decent.
I’m sick of trying everything just so I don’t have to throw away half of the dvdrs.
Also, 812 don’t seem so picky, he was talking about 832.

Well, I have an 812 with firmware CG3B, have used +r, +rw, and lots of cheapo ritekG03 -Rs and have not had a coaster yet. Am I lucky? Are they really that bad??