832 & 812 with Ritek +r 8x media (R03)

Hi all,

I know this question is media related, but would like some feedback specifically from Liteon 812 and 832 users.

Got my hands on a 50 spindle of Ritek +R 8X (R03) media. I’m finding in both drives, when burning @ 8x, I’ll be burning near perfect copies one minute and then absolutely shocking quality the next burn. At 4x consistently good on both drives. I’ve tried several different write strategies and all same story. Problems seem to arise/decline suddenly at any point from around 5% into the scan (eg. Pi & PIF rising instantly from great burn to 1200 & 300 respectively and continuing for a while and then dropping off just as suddenly).

Has anyone else had these problems with Ritek R03 @ 8x? Do you think I’ve just been unlucky and got a bad batch?



Welcome to the world of Ritek!

I had the same problem with Ritek R01 being burned at 8x. One disc would be perfect. The next would have 10-100 times the error rate and would be a total coaster. The next disc after that would be perfect… etc.

Ritek has been rumored to mix their B-grade media in with their A-grade media because B doesn’t sell too well. Dunno if such rumors are accurate, but, based on my personal experience with Ritek media, it almost would seem like it.

And yet, I managed to just purchase a batch of 50 R03s.

In my case, I think they must have mixed A-grade with D-grade;)

And yet, I managed to just purchase a batch of 50 R03s.
Hope you have more luck than I did. I’ll be interested to see how they go for you.