830A @830A firmware unable to uphrade to B4C8

Hi, I am in Taiwan and I bought an 830A a while ago when it was out for like a day or two. Then I just waited for the dual format firmware to be released but no luck. Benq’s taiwan web site has no firmware release for 830a and i decided to try the b4c8 from the us site. no luck. it says unknown the drive type. I began to suspect they simply upgraded 800a to 830a and released to the market and claimed it was 830a @830a as I read that 800a can now be hacked to run @830a and some people with 800a @830a had the same issue as mine. so i tried the hacked firmware from the pinned thread in this forum, and it upgraded fine. but when i reboot to complete the upgarde, my pc hangs at startup, won’t even go to windows. i went back to b4a8 and all is fine now. what the hell is wrong with my drive? if 800a can upgrade to 830a and then upgarde to b4c8, how come my official 830a wont even do well on that hacked firmware or even the official one?

I need to complain about this: as i said i had trouble booting the pc after upgrading with the patched b4c8( it wont upgrade using the official one saying unkown the drive type). Then I found out my pc with the drive on b4c8 will boot on the following conditions: 1. the drive needs to be connected to an ide to pci card. 2. i have to use an ide hdd as the boot device. before this, I was connected the drive to mb’s ide port and using sata hdd as my boot device. What the hell did benq do with b4c8? i mean it first fail to upgrade without the patch and after the upgrade, it is so picky on hardware.

Can anyone explain this? I will probably go back to b4a8 if this is not solved. i will wait for the next release.


Some one else reported that Benq admitted there was a problem with the B4C8 firmware. It would seem the only problem was with the restriction from flashing. The firmware remains posted on Benq’s site, so would seem that its not anything seriously wrong with it. I have been using it for some time without problems. On my machine I boot from a sata hdd without problems. I would think there would be a new fw release by now since B4C8 technically doesn’t work.