8250i or CD-Writer+ 8290?



this might sound like a really stupid question...and i guess it is

i dont know what drive i have
on the box it says HP CD-Writer+ 8250i
but in conrtol panel it says CD-Writer+ 8290.....
on the actual drive, it says HP CD-Writer Plus 8200 series
it is in fact 4x4x24

in clone cd there are 2 entries:

HP8250i (Atapi)
(IDE CD R/RW 4x4x24)


HP8250i (Atapi)
(CD-Writer+ 8200)
(CD-Writer+ 8200a)
(CD-Writer+ 8290)

their modes of writing are quite different, one is RAW+96
and the other is just RAW. so i dont really know what to use since i dont know what my drive really is....

thanks in advance


Strange, maybe the box given by your writer isn’t the correct one. I would thrust your control panel.