822s help please

I downloaded nero to try and get some info on my dvd rw and found that the 822s can read +r and +rw. It sas dvd ram (duel layered i think) itsn’t recoginzed though, neither are -r and -rw. I’ve tried omnipatch but am new to tweeking cd drives and have no clue where to look for the BIN/EXE file, or what it’s called. I just got this a week ago so the system is unfamiliar yet :confused:

any help would be appreciated, including what is the difference of - or + media?

download THIS firmware and apply it. your drive might have custom firmware with features disabled.

Thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t think 832s would work but it would make sense. One other thing, right now the drive is running on a windows codec from 2001. Is there a newer one for 822s or can i use 832 for that too?