822A problems with -R

This post might get punted to n00b forum- apologies in advance.

I have just bought a Benq822A and am trying to get a successful DVD-R burn of a downloaded avi. So far, no luck.

I have used TMPENGc to decode the .avi to an m2v. Demuxed the sound to a wav, and converted to ac3. Used dvdgui to author the DVD to VOB files. My WINDVD player which came with the Benq drive will play everything when I load using ‘Play DVD from folder’, and select the VIDEO_TS folder that contains my VOBs.

However, when I burn to disc using DVDShrink, I get a successful completion but it will not play in my set top. My set top DVD player is a Toshiba SD-1600 which apparently only reads DVD-R, which is why I am not using +Rs that the Benq drives seem more geared towards.

Media I am currently using is Memorex 4x DVD-R. I originally had Fujitsu discs, but made 5 coasters out of my original 5 pack. Using the Fujitsu discs, I was able to burn using Nero, but the DVDs would not play either. Using the Memorex discs, I get an error after 1 or 2% using Nero, so I tried DVDShrink instead.

I think when I used the Fujitsu discs, my original VOB files may not have been correct to boot. However I was fairly confident that my authored VOBs were good on the last try that I made them, since the WINDVD would play them from a folder- video, sound, and subtitles all looked good. But still no go once I burned the disc and tried in my Toshiba. I have also upgraded my Benq firmware to B3HC. No problems but it didn’t seem to help.

Does anyone have any advice they can give me? There seem to be so many things that could be the problem: Benq drive, media type, converting software, authoring software, burning software, or my Toshiba DVD. It’s difficult to know what’s the problem- hence my frustration. Should I take the Benq back and get something like a Pioneer that is more friendly towards minus Rs?

Thanks in advance…

I experienced similar problems. Try using +R media, they work flawlessly,at least the Verbatim I used.
It might also be interesting to know which firmware your device has at the moment (although none of the available really seem to work correctly with -R).

if your standalone supports mp3 -> burn a mp3-dvd-r(w) and try it.

try using a dvd+r(w) with bitsetting -> should work.

try your burned dvd-+r(w)s in other standalones.

Test the pi/po’s with nerocdspeed3. pi should be much under 280 on all parts of the dvds, po-failures should be zero.


after flashing my 800a@822a to B3HC here are worse experience with verbatim 2x dvd-rw. Burned media could not the benq recognize. Now i have reflashed to B3D7 and burn the same dvd-rw. I will post the result immediate after finishing.




with firm B3D7 the BenQ 800a could read the -rw but the quality is worse. Pi read under dvd-speed 3.0 and kprobe are near at 1200 (as Reader i take a Lite On 166). The Pi with DVD-Speed 3.0 read by the Benq itself shows results near at 300.

I decided this results to email to BenQ Support and wait for their answer.