822a new Firmware (B3LC)




Supposed to be a bugfix for B3KC firmware.


. … only mentions the ‘DVD-R w/ Nero Express’ hassle - I experienced hassles w/ the full version of Nero & lower burn-quality with both formats of media.


seems to work, now in nero burning rom it shows 4x instead of 2.4x

flipped it over to nero express and it shows 4x too

no more burning at 2.4x


Flashing now. Anyone noticed a burn quality difference?


Anyone else not able to get this version to flash right? I keep getting failures after a few seconds into the process and the LED stays red :-\


From which FW you start flashing from?
You need B3KC before you can load B3LC.


Ahhh, perhaps that’s the problem then. I currently have been running B3JC due to B3KC giving me slightly worse quality burns. Thx for the info!


i burn a copy of -r disk, skip on my rowa dvd player, work fine on apex dvd player, while same disk record on my btc, liteon will work on both dvd player, so still not good for the new firmware for -r for me


B3LC-2 is out:



only good for those without B3KC

Release Reason:

  1. Allow all previous firmwares to be upgraded.

Notice: The content of B3LC-2 is the same as B3LC.


B3LC based rpc1 fw:


No difference for LONGTEN01.
Max speed for MCC02RG20


Is this firmware able to work in an external (Oxford911 or Prolific) FireWire (combo) enclosure? (like Constar (SNT) ST-2512C) ?


Can’t answer your question since I no longer have a 822A. But I can tell you from the past that some firmware versions work and some firmware version don’t work.

What I did in the past was to x-flash the DW822A to a EW822U and run the external firmware with no problems at all. Only negative is that BenQ updates this firmware less than the 822A. But think about it, the 822A is old now and I can see BenQ doing very little updates in the future.


It doesnt work with either my Prolific or Oxford911 via firewire. It does work fine with the Prolific via usb 2.0 though.