822A drive do not read any DVD -only CD

Hi There
I have BenQ 822A it was working perfect for 3 m.but other day I was bussy copin disk using DVD Xcopy Xpress.and the 3 disks I was coping come like sucsessfil but 2nd and Third later I see that they was damaged like the laser was fading away when writing.(no shatp edge on the end of the recorded section.And the third one had some gaps on it.
Since then the drive do not recognice any DVD disks(original or DVDR-RW) Acting like CDRW drive.Reads and writes CDs but on DVD is like searching for disk and nothing.
I have updated after that all firmwares but noyhing changed!!I am using very same RVR+r disks and was perfect before.
Please Help!! :a
Sorry for the long message:-((

Return the drive under warranty.

The problem is that I don’t have the invoice anymore.I never tholl that I will need it! :confused:

So obviosly is Hardware damaged. :frowning:
Is it possible from the heat if gets overheated or How the DVD-writers are structured.Why CD part is working and only DVD is not recognised!!! :bow:

I believe that the CD has uses a different laser optimized for the bigger CD tracks…

Try Benq tech support anyway, most manufacturer will take the manufacture date printed on your drive as date of purchase if you lost your receipt but do talk to them nicely since above is not written on the warranty small print and they still have the right to refuse free warranty service without receipt.

I will try that at last but from now on I am concern about the BenQ quality.I have CD writer and DVD rom SONY both never give me any problem.for more than Year…
My be I have to go again for SONY…

>I will try that at last but from now on I am concern about the BenQ quality.
What? Keep your receipt and everything will be fine.
Maybe they don’t have the best firmwareservice on the planet, but I never heard someone complain about their warranty-service.