822A doesn't see any type of disc! Help!

Hi all,

I recently bought my 18 year old brother a BenQ DW822A burner for graduating highschool. He lives in a city 18 hours away from me, so I wanted to try to help him out by talking to you guys. I installed the burner on a visit there about 3 weeks ago and everything worked great. It read DVDs no problem, read regular DVDs no problem, and a few days later, apparently the drive won’t read ANYTHING, including CD and CD-R media. We had the drive flashed to the latest firmware and it worked fine, but now, it doesn’t work after a short stint in his computer. I don’t know what to do for him. I don;t htink I have the reciept handy anymore, so I’m concerned about the warranty. Is there anything we can do to try to rejuvinate this drive, or should we just call BenQ support to get the bloody thing returned and repaired?


If your brother is comfortable with looking in the case, he can check the cables to make sure they’re seated well and maybe just for fun, try another data cable.

He may want to reflash the firmware. It couldn’t hurt. Given the distance, there’s not much else you can do.

Coko, how’s Frankie doing these days? :slight_smile:


He flashed his drive… nadda… I think he’s going to call BenQ and yell at them to make his life better… man, the drive was only a few days old too :frowning: … either that, or I’m going to upgrade my NEC 2510A to a NEC 3500 and he can have my old 2510A…

i had the same problem in june with my new dw800a (just one month old…)
i tried to reflash any firmware you could think about, but it didn’t recognize any discs.
I sent the drive back to benq serivce in Germany, and after THREE MONTHS i finally received a brand new dw822a as a replacement.
I’d recommend the same to you since there seem to be more people with the same problems…
greetings from germany,

maybe you can try this.

insert a disc with data (CDs or DVDs) in the drive.
restart windows with the disc in the drive.

after windows loaded, eject the disc in the drive and insert the disc you wanted to load.

see if the 2nd disc loads.