822a B3IC TY +R

Anyone have or seen any scans of TY +R using B3IC?


why you ask? ty is suppose to be the best media to use period. it should do well as it does in most other drives if not all other drives.

heres a T01 samsung bought at www.accaproducts.com burned at 8x with my 822a B3IC about the best burn ive ever gotten.

there ya go a scan.
you see sweeeet

Hiya Jamos:

Wow, great scan.

Are these the TY’s you are referring to?


P.S. Thanks for recommending the RICOHJPNR01. They are burning excellent on B3IC.

Hello uknown1234:

It is not always as clearcut as that. B3BC scans I saw early on with TY were nothing extraordinary, whereas RICOHJPNR01 were amazing. Where I am, RICOHJPNR01’s are about half the price of TY’s :cool:


true but for the majority of the part TY is suppose to be the best media available and does burn well. However there are a few exceptions as you have said