822A and Windows 2000

Simple questions. Is anybody running an 822A under Windows 2000? If you are:

  1. What device description is shown ? Is it BENQ… or ATAPI… (mine is ATAPI).
  2. Have you upgraded to Dual Layer and do you have any problems?

The reason for asking is that I have upgraded to Dual Layer but I can’t make the Sonic 7.2 upgrade work. I think this is because Sonic looks for the full name of the device whereas Windows 2000 only describes it as ATAPI DUAL DVD.

If you want you can see more details of this problem on: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=122532

I didn’t add to that that thread as I really just want to know about the Windows 2000 aspect.

Many thanks in advance,


Even under XP the description is ATAPI???, that’s not the problem. Have a look at this thread:


Thanks for your response. I am not quite clear why you directed me back to my original thread?! What seems to be happening is that RecordNow 7.2 does not recognise the DVD drive whereas RecordNow 6.7 does.

I have had some feedback from Benq. This suggests that RecordNow 7.2 only recognises a BENQ… rather than ATAPI…

If somethng in XP SP2 is stopping the recognition process working, thne maybe the same thing exists in Windows SP4 (which is what I am currently running). I don’t want to take a rsik and uninstall SP4 in the hopethat it might work.

It would be nice to hear from someone with Windows 2000 who is having success with the Dual Layer 822A and RecordNow. I ssuspect that I am the only person using this combination?

I like recordNow. It is very simple, which is just what I want. Nero seems to be more like an entertainemnt experienec when you start it up, but at least it can be installed and it gives Dual Layer support.

Any moe ideas very welcome!

I am not quite clear why you directed me back to my original thread?

Sorry, I didn’t realize you started that thread also. Why start another one though?