822A and 8X DVD-R

I have the latest firmware and wonder if this drive support 8X DVD-R burning, the reason I ask is because I found Prodisc S04 code 8X DVD-R at very good price C$25/50 tax included (www.mingtechcomputers.com) I bought one to test, according to DVD Decrypter only 4X but the shop told me LG can burn it at 8X.

Anyway, anyone tried Ritek DVD-R 8X with this drive? or which DVD-R 8X is compatible with the 822 TIA

According to the Canadian BenQ site, the stock firmware only supports 4x DVD-R writing.

HOWEVER, here’s what readme for the B3HC firmware update says:

> Release Reasons:
> 1. Support 8x DVD-R writing (TAIYO YUDEN, Maxell & Ritek-G06 8x DVD-R media)
> 2. Improve the writing quality of Longten 8x DVD+R media

In my personal experience with my 822A, the drive is extremely picky when it comes to DVD-R media, so you should buy just a small sample (one or two discs) to test first, before buying a whole spindle. By picky, I don’t mean it just burns at a slower speed (as many drives do), I mean that the media it doesn’t like, it will just spit out or coaster on the lead-out. It has no such compatibility issues with DVD+R media. It seems to be able to digest just about any brand of DVD+R I feed it.

From my own experiences (apparently, others have different experiences), I’d suggest you skip over this drive. If you want a BenQ, go with the 1620, which is supposed to have fewer compatibility bugs, or go with another brand.

Thanks but I don’t have any problems with my 822, ultra cheapo Yi Jhan code -R media burn ok with it and no problem playing back on my Philips 642.

The reason I ask was that I found good deal on Prodisc 8X DVD-R, same price as cheapo Longten 002 4X DVD+R which I can also overburn at 8X without problems but I would rather have certified 8X media if for the same price.

As for getting rid of the 822 for 1620 or another brand, that idea did come across my mind but I would rather wait till DL media come down in price and DL burning speed to at least 12X before upgrading again, otherwise the upgrade cycle will not end