8220e Firmware

There is a new firmware for this drive, but you have to purchase a CD from HP. Does anyone have this firmware so that I don’t have to purchase more junk from HP? Or at least a firmware from a model similiar to it.

This is the USB Version.

It’s not my burner and I am using it untill I save up for a new Drive.




Yes I posted on the other forum too, and HP does not list the firmware update on thier site except as a CD you must purchase and order.

Thier information is sketchy and at this point I would even be gratefull for a proper model number instead of the crap that HP gives it’s product names.

This CD drive has only burned 3 spindles of 50 CD’s, it should be able to do more than that, and I have not messed around with it, except a few times unplugging it without disabling the USB device, but that shouldn’t kill a drive…