822 instead of 800?



Hi :slight_smile:

I read the BenQ DW822A review posted here, looks quite good. I read another review in a highly ranked pc magazine which stated some trouble with that writer. So I wanted to ask you which drive I should take: the 800A or the 822A? (if I would make the decision just depending on the writing quality)

Thanks in advance


Mine’s been awesome with the B3CI firmware update, using Ricoh (Ridata) disks. Check out the thread “Gotta love B3IC” here:


Great drive. :slight_smile:


I believe both drives have the same hardware. the 800a can be converted to 822a. fw for 822a is said to be released for dl burning capability


Go with the 822 if anything its the same hardware with a “hand picked” laser. I don’t know what the magazine said, but alot of times they do the review based on the initial firmware. Also stick with “+” media if you can, that’s its most suited media. The 1620 will be out soon (2 weeks), but you’ll likely pay at least $30.


I have no problem with -R and I found Prodisc media works great with the 822


I concur.
ProdiscS03 media [dvd-r 4x] is great with the 822


Thanks for your statements and opinions a lot :slight_smile:
I told my dealer now to send me the 822 :slight_smile:


In Canada, you can get BENQ DW822A Retail Box for lousy Cdn. $74 (US $55), I just ordered one. If anyone is interested: