817.4kHz and 140.6kHz of Wobble Frequency: how were they specified?

817.4kHz and 140.6kHz of Wobble Frequency: who specified it?.

Why does a DVD+ have exactly 817400 Hz and the DVD- and CD 140600 kHz of wobble frequency?
Why not any different value?

I am not saying, that I am against these frequencies, I am just wondering, how exactly these frequencies were specified.


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These just look like some random numbers.

  • 100 kHz on CD, DVD minus
  • 1 MHz on DVD plus and BD

would be more understandable and even.

The wobble is used to allow address seeking along the length of the spiral groove.

The more potential addresses to seek to, the finer the wobble groove has to be.

Presumably the wobble numbers are determined based upon the theoretical or practical capacity of the optical blank.

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