8163 Speed



This a copy of AVP.
It reads fast enough.


Hi Sverkalo,
for me this looks good, I must say that I am amature and new in dvd world, just wanted to ask you does 8163 have rip lock for dvd video disks. And Heve you tried to burn something on DL disks, and what are the prices of them, last one I have seen it was something like 10 euros for Verbatim 2.4DL
Thats all for now, thanks and greetings my friend :slight_smile:


From the store you know,
I am buying Traxdata +DL 2.4x for 6 Euros.
Riplock? Hmmm.
I am ripping with DVD shrink and DVD Decrypter with let’s say 7-8MB/sec.
Is this a riplock? If it is, I don’t care.


have you tried to burn Double layer dvd’s, and if you did what was the result, was it ok, because I wold like to back up some movies and it is not good to shrink them on one dvd. Thanks again my friend, see ya :slight_smile:


Well just see under the thread good media.
I’ve post a lot of tests friend.
Well if you shrink it right by taking out all the languages and extras
you don’t need, then it’s not a shrink actually ;).


@ Sverkalo
Off topic:
Sorry forgot to ask you something about movies, as I understood movies are something you do and something that you know really good. Right? I have a friend and she studies Greek Language and she gave me the list of Greek films that she wants me to record for her, list has a 36 movies could you give me your e-mail adress so that I could send you a list and you can make a choice which are the best.
Thanx :bow:


I have just shot 11 short films not a future…
But I am thinking about that, night and day :).
Some of them have played on Thessaloniki’s documentary festival.
Olympion. I have sent them my new one and I am waiting for the results.
Click on Kid Films and then e-mail me.


Well I did and after that I just got your page opened and no other link for email.


I’ll fix that, thanks.
Well it’s easy…


Pretty good rip speed


The AVP Rip done at 11x was a very fast one, however this last one was not, final speed of 8x is just crap, it means an average speed close to 5x wich is not very good.

btw, what’s your firmware?

I tried to find a rip lock free firmware, but without success…


The first one wasn’t a rip but a speed test.
The last one is a rip of a movie.
For me its ok and doesn’t seem crap.
But of course it depends on how you see it.
The firmware is A102.
I always use the latest firmware and updates for everything on my computer.
From motherboard bios to anything ;).


I said it was crap, because my crappy and old creative 12x could rip a DVD pretty faster (it wasn’t rip locked)

btw, why are there 2 mouse pointers in the last picture :smiley:


That’s a secret!


Hi.I have a GDR-8163B,and it read very slow(4x average dvd+/-r).Does anyone who had this problem solved it?Txs


Maybe it depends on the content of the disk.