812S won't recognize some DVD+RW inserted

I have found that some of my DVD+RW discs written months ago are not even recognized when inserted. The light will flash and the drive makes a small noise and the OS and apps like Nero will not detect any disc installed. I do not see this problem with any DVD+R or CD.

I am using firmware US0Q, the DVD+RW discs were likely written with an earlier firmware. Has anyone seen this problem before?

You’ll propably find that they weren’t a good quality burn to start with and they have deteriorated past the point of been able to be read.

What is the media code of the +RW discs? Did you do a scan of these discs when they were burned?

The discs are JVC and made in Japan. They were all scanned with Kprobe after written and had reasonable results and have been in storage for 5 months. The discs are not even recognized when inserted into the drive.

Ok, so some of +RW media is detected by the drive. What does a KP scan of this media look like?