812s with speedhack = bad burns need help

each and every burn i have made with both 4x dvd-r g04’s and 4x dvd+r cmc’s have the same pattern. they burn very well the first 8 or 9 percent of the disc, then after that the pi and po shoot up like crazy. check out the scans below. you can even look on the bottom of the dvd and you can tell how the color has changed after the first 8 percent had been burned. does anyone else have this problem? what should i do?

Update your firmware to US0N. Use the OmniPatcher to customize it to your needs.
Note that not all media speedhacks well for everyone. It’s sort of the luck of the draw, one of the best media for speedhacking though is Ricoh +R.

yea i am using uson. o well ill try the ricoh’s. where can i get those from cause i heard memorex is using ritek now?

oh oops i patched my original uso3 fw instead of uson, ill redo that and try iot, thanks for bringing it to my attention!