812S with a deficient chip?

I’m wondering if my 812S has a bugged chip. The result for cd-dvd speed and kprobe is confusing.

PI/PO, when scanning recorded discs

Kprobe 2.1.0 tends to report 1-2 peaks(pi is higher than 20 times the average, po is about the same as pi).
While nero dvd speed 3.00 doesn’t show these peaks(removed as glitches?), and appears to be normal.
However nero’s pi doubles kprobe’s pi, and kprobe’ po doubles nero’s po.


Both kprobe 2.1.0 and nero speed 3.00 report 2 peaks, c1/c2 over 1000. And c2 is greater than c1 (is it possible?).
The 2 peaks always exist and seem to appear at fixed points, about 30 and 64 min.
I made other cd burners to scan those cd-r, and never found such peaks.

This 812S reads and writes well, at least no other deficiency are found.

This is perfectly normal. Especially with the C1/C2 error spike. These abnormal single-line spikes are glitches and can be safely ignored (in KProbe, right-clicking on the graph will give you the option to remove these unusual spikes).