812S: What firmware should I use

Hi guys,

First of all: sorry if this question has been asked before BUT since I don’t need DL writing support for the time being (due to lack of media) I would like to know what firmware I should use with my sparkling new 812S drive. Should I go with the Omnipatched 832S VS04 or just go with the latest firmware for the 812S? Which one has the best burnquality?

Besides modding certain writespeeds with Omnipatcher what other options do you recommend me to enable in this tool? Is it recommended to enable the Earlier shift (faster burn) for 8X +R and Utilize “shift-fixing” for 6X/8X options???


If you don’t need DL support, stick with US0N. Test Burn shift and shift fixing, and make your own conclusions. Result may vary from drive to drive.

Definetly US0N. Gives me the best burns of all the versions tested.

US0N again here! Since I have not tried the other options, I have no opinion on them.