812S Weird Sound & SLOW when burning in Lead-In/Out...!?!?

When I start burning, during Lead-in, it has some sounds like “tat-tat”
and very slow

but after a long while (around 1min), it start burning

then slow in lead-out again

then done…

Anybody knows why?

That’s normal. My lead-in take between 30 seconds and 1 minute (usually closer to 30 seconds… 1 minute leadins don’t happen that much for me). Does the drive sound like it’s spinning up and then spinning back down? The reason is that during the lead-in, the drive writes a power calibration track, where it tries to write data at various speeds in a special calibration area of the lead-in to help the burner decide how to calibrate the laser.

Leadouts shouldn’t take as long because of the lack of calibration, but it’s still normal for it to spin and and down once or twice.