812s(VS01) Read Issue, mainly FYI issue fixed of sorts

Just wanted to toss out that on 2 storebought DVD’s I have, I was unable to read them in my 812s running VS01. They played fine in my players and on my plextor 504. For kicks I reverted back to US0N and they read and play fine to my surprise. If anyone needs me to run any other tests to confirm or isolate why this happened, let me know…more than happy to be a guinea pig.

Have you tried VS03?

just tried it and it works, details below if you are bored :slight_smile:

VS03 (your patched version I pulled the other day and never loaded) does work with the DVD that failed. I also reflashed back to VS01 after that success to make sure it was that particular version and it did fail again with VS01 so it wasn’t just something buggy but was that version.

Interestingly enough it was the first time after a flash (the VS03) that I got a region set message as I’ve been region free’d for a while. Sorry for my ignorance if that’s normal :slight_smile: still a bit new to a lot of this.

Thanks again to the Codeguys (and the rest) for all the work and tools to make this drive almost a hobby in getting set just the way I want it, I think I enjoy the tweaking as much as anything else.

I got this problem with one dvd also

with vs03, the problem is solve