812S vs. *.mwa files



Q: Does LiteOn 812S & SonicMyDVD 4.5 really read+burn *.wma files that were legally downloaded from WalMart? Media is Maxell CD-R music.

History: got 812S last fall, installed ok?, my W2ksp3 recognized drive as CD-ROM only, wrote LitOn tech support, told to upgrade f/w, no change, downloaded WinMediaPlayer 9.0, no change [WMP9 did/does not recognize drive as CD-RW]; returned drive, got new one, same problem.
Then to LiteOn tech support, I write email begging for help. Their reply:

Dear Sir,
It seems Sonic doesn’t support the source file you wanted to burn.
Please check this before burned.


So then to Sonic tech support, I logged ticket detailing LiteOn answer. Their reply:

[Incident Properties]
Incident ID = T332639
Short Description = MWA files incompatable
Progress Status = In Progress
Description = Importing Files

LITEON TechSupp tells me that your software does not support MWA files downloaded from WalMat.com…strange…
[Web Conversation]
<Tech-Support Response>: by Kevin Jamieson, 12/22/2004 1:32 PM [Kevin Jamieson – 12/22/04 1:31 PM]
I’ve never heard of MWA files, but I have heard of WMA files, is that what you mean? We support those, but only if they’re not copy protected, which the files from Walmart certainly are.
If you legally purchase your music, there is going to be copy protection on it and you can’t use it
in our software. Sorry

So, CDFREAKS, I don’t mind when you laugh at me, just don’t point.

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.wma files can be copy protected. This means that even if you buy the song in WMA format you may still be prevented from burning the song to a CD or you may be limited to burning it only a certain number of times. I’d guess that Windows Media Player would be the software to use if you want to burn wma files.