812S Very Dodgy Burns With G04

Hiya guys, Getting bad burns with 812S (US0N) and Ritek G04’s (-R), freezing and stuttering on most movies. I’m writing at 4x. From what i’ve read here, seems it likes +R’s better, so thinking of trying them soon, Can anyone recommend any media for this drive? I’m in the UK and looking for printable media only, can only find one place at minute (ukdvdr) but only seems to do the riteks printable. Any help would be great thanks.

Hi, I think you should use +R medias with Liteon drives, they get better results.
Regarding to Ritek G04, have a look at <a href=“http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=630137&postcount=41” target=“new”>this</a>. It seems that g04@g06 is doing good. I’ve never burnt DVD movies, but I suppose that freezing and stuttering could depend on burn quality. So I suppose a better burn would help.

About medias, I don’t know. I’ve used only quality medias (Verbatim 4x +R, or TY +R) getting with 812s nice results.

Thanks for the help, I don’t mind paying extra for quality media, just can’t find any quality printable disks about. Will definatly try +R’s, and will look into the G06 strategy. (any links would be great :slight_smile: )


i find these very good for media www.svp http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk/

your having the same problems as i did look here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=100097

You really shouldn’t have any problems with G04 discs. Don’t blame it on the fact that “Liteons don’t like -R”.

Here are a bunch from my 812S.

They even work fine at 8x with a mediaswap:

Either you’ve got a bad batch or theres something wrong with your burner.

jester… as dixie pointed out, u’ll find good quality printable verbatim media for 69p each with jewel cases. they do verbatim 8x media as well, but stick with the 4x media, u’ll get brilliant results overspeeding them anyway.

Thanks again guys, Grug2K, the general opinion seems to be that the 812S really doesn’t like -R’s. Some of mine -R’s work fine, some don’t. all from same batch, Grade A G04’s. Not got a clue about kprobe, haven’t tried it yet but will try it soon.

Booma, are the 69p verbatims from svp? looking more for spindles or caketins…


they’re single verbs in standard size jewel cases. I’ve seen other places that sell spindle printable verbs, but are overpriced. SVP is cheapest for printable verbs, and www.burn-media.co.uk is cheapest for regular spindles of verbatim at £15.99.

OK, thanks for all the help guys, as Dixie said, I’ve changed to DVD+r and everythings fine. Using 832S firmware with the suggested tweaks from omnipatcher and Verbatim DVD+r’s. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

good to see everything’s going well.
PRICE UPDATE tho. u can get verb 4x +R even cheaper now at cd-rmedia.co.uk if u join the buyers club (they just started it - checked it out yesterday).

thanks booma, i’ll check it out, happy with where i got these from tho, (burnt-media i think). 40 verbatim +R printable w/cases for £22 inc p&p. bit wierd cos i thought it was £9ish for pack of 10 so i ordered 2 packs. When arrived there were 4 packs…still i’m happy :slight_smile:
btw, just started using kprobe, on the scans people have post it’s PI & PO but on my scans it PI & PIF, what am i doing wrong?

:rolleyes: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :eek:
£22 for 40? :rolleyes::eek: musta been a c*** up :iagree:

I never got such luck, but as long as at least one of us did, its all good :smiley: .
its £15.50 for 25 on a spindle inc delivery from cd-rmedia now. Considering I used to be paying that for datasafe +R without delivery, I’m VERY pleased. Can only get better when these new drives come out along with faster discs and drive the old prices down.

Happy Burning

Thought i might as well post some kprobe scans, again, i’m newbie to kprobe so if incorrect i’m sorry. :slight_smile:

erm, seems i’m a newbie to posting too. i’ve attached the 3 scans… lol
but in short…

Ritek G04 4x Printable -R, Burnt @ 4x in Nero. = PI MAN : 504 / PIF = 222

Verbatim MCC002 4x Printable +R, Burnt @ 4x in Nero. PI MAX : 26 / PIF = 9

Verbatim MCC002 4x Printable +R, Burnt @ 8x in Nero. PI MAX : 6 / PIF = 2

As i say new to kprobe, but seems good, (i thiink) :slight_smile: Anyway the +R’s work on all my dvd players with no skips or freezes, so i’m happy.

Thanks guys.