812S- USO5 to USOJ

I have a 812s, my original was a USO5 when i just bought it, but i upgrade the firmware to USOJ without backing up firmware and erpprm, is there a way to back it up?

Is there any difference if i upgrade it again and make it 832s or what?

Don’t worry about the eeprom at all. US05 is available on my site if you need it.

What do i use to flash back to other firmware. is backing up firmware required or u can just flash back to other firmware instead.

i have the USO5 when i first got my drive and i update the firmware without backing it up and i got it to the USOJ, but i never had a perfect burn with this firm.
i always got these jagged curves and never clean ones.

these are tested witht the same one. Is that good, or updating firmware is a better thing to do. if so what is the name of the program on the code site do i need to back up fimware. I really need the exact name so i wont mess up wich one. I was confused with all the flashers that they have.