812s-US0N,great scan but i get servo errors.Please help me!

I burnt successfully a DVD+R at 4X (Data disc) using Nero 6.3.0.
Kprobe started scanning and when it reached 99% i got the following message :
“servo error 030900 after LBA…”
I stopped the scanning cos i thought something was wrong with the drive.
The scan till that moment was great.
Can u plz help me???

Multisession? This shouldn’t occur when scanning a closed disc.

Did you finalize the disc?

I cant remember if i finalized the disc,i’m gonna burn one more and let you know.
Hope it is the finalization!!!


You were right,i had forgotten to finalize the disc.
This scan is what i got now.
I think that LITEON 812s-USN0 rules!!!
Next step for me is to upgrade it to 832s when DL media is out.
Thank u people