812S SOHW keeps blinking orange


I bought a LiteOn 812S SOHW DVDRW recently, and have been using it since. Worked like a charm for DVD playback, DVD ripping, DVD burning, CDR burning and so on. Yesterday, when I was about to watch a DVD movie, I noticed that the LED is just blinking orange, about twice a second. It loads the DVD correctly, but Windows can’t find any information on the disc (tried several, both cd and dvd), Total Commander can’t find the unit at all.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drive in Windows.
Tried upgradeing to the latest (official) firmware.

Still no luck.

Running WinXPSp1En on a Asus A78NX Deluxe mobo.

Any ideas?

The drive shouldn’t start blinking orange for no reason… what did you try to do to the drive? Did you by chance try to make it region-free?

I actually didn’t do anything. I was on a roadtrip to Germany for 2 days, and when I got back, it was flashing. I made it region free (with rpcde2.exe) a few minutes after I installed it, and it worked just fine after that.

I also checked IDE/power cables.

RPCDE2 is the incorrect tool for region-freeing DVD-writers (LtnRPC is a the safer/correct tool). So far, everyone who’s used RPCDE2 gets the blinking orange light problem. I wonder why this didn’t affect you earlier…

My second post in [thread=93647]this thread[/thread] has instructions on how to resolve this this. The link in my first post in the thread explains in a bit more detail what happened.

Oh, worked like a charm. Many, many thanks!


Tools Collection

See bottom of this guide for explanations of commonly used technical terms and useful links.

One of the benefits of owning a LiteOn drive is the great LiteOn community! LiteOn has been supplying quality drives at affordable prices for a long time and because of this they have won many a PC enthusiasts acclaim.

Part of the advantage to this large community are the great free tools available to LiteOn users!

This guide will introduce you to some of the most popular of those tools. Remember this is only a guide to get you started and not an in depth tutorial.

<a name=“warn”></a>Note: None of these tools are provided by LiteOn themselves (except SmartBurn&Bit Setting Tool), as such do not ask LiteOn for any help with them. If you need help or have questions ask on this forum.
Not all tools will work with all drives!
Please make sure that you double check with the proper documentation/threads before using any of these! Neither I nor CD Freaks will hold any responsibility for anything you do to your hardware/software. Use at your own risk! Please note that modifying your firmware and/or EEPROM can void your warranty and if done incorrectly damage your drive. Take the time to research and read and you will save yourself allot of headaches. If you have questions ask in that tools thread (links are provided below), that is what they are there for!
When LiteOn produces a new model of ODD make sure it works on the new model before using it!

Now that the formalities are over with, on with it shall we.


Media Identification & Testing

  1. <a href="#KProbe2">Kprobe</a> - DVD media scanner
  2. <a href="#SmartBurn">SmartBurn</a> - tool to identify/analyze media

3. <a href="#Bitset">Bitsetting Utility (booktype.exe)</a> - makes +R discs more compatible with the Xbox/PS2 and set-top DVD players
4. <a href="#Auto-Bitset">Auto Bitsetting Patcher</a> - patches firmware so your drive defaults to burning with DVD-ROM booktype
5. <a href="#Bitset812S">Bitsetting Patcher (bs_812hack.exe)</a> - patches pre-US0J 812S firmware so you can bit set on a 812S

Region Free
6. <a href="#LtnRPC">LtnRPC (Region Free Utility)</a> - removes region restrictions from your drive

Firmware Flashing & Extraction
7. <a href="#FlashFix">FlashFix</a> - firmware patching/unlocking program
8. <a href="#mtkflash">Mtkflash</a> - DOS based firmware flashing/recovery program
9. <a href="#FW">Firmware Flashing Tool</a> - Windows based firmware flashing program
10. <a href="#xflashx">XFlash-X</a> - extracts binary (.bin) files from executable (.exe) firmware
11. <a href="#LiteFirm">LiteFirm</a> - extracts binary (.bin) files from executable (.exe) firmware
12. <a href="#LtnFlash">LtnFlash</a> - see below

Performance Tweaks & Mods
13. <a href="#omni">OmniPatcher</a> - easy graphical tool that does many different firmware patches (you can select which ones you want to apply)
14. <a href="#@811S">411S to 811S mod</a> - information about modding a LDW-411S to a LDW-811S

  1. <a href="#@851S">451S to 851S mod</a> - information about modding a LDW-451S to a LDW-851S

Note: LTR-52327S owners please read this thread before using any of the above tools.

Media Identification & Testing

<a name=“KProbe2”></a>1 .-------------------------
Kprobe (Version 2)

This tools primary purpose is to scan burnt DVD’s for errors (PI/PO). Great for testing and comparing the quality of your burns with other members. It can also give you media information and has some other nice features as well. All questions regarding media or problems with playback on set top DVD players should get a better (faster) response if you can show your burn results!

[ul][li] The official Kprobe2 guide can be found here.
[/li][li] Having problems figuring out what a good (or bad) reading is? This thread will help make it all clear!
[/li][li] Since you are going to be doing some scans anyway it would be nice if you could post your results in the DVD Media Tests forum to add to our pool of results for everyone to look at.

<a name=“SmartBurn”></a>2. -------------------------
The first of two tools in this guide that is provided by LiteOn. It provides various useful data on your DVD or CD media including maximum supported burn speed.

  • [li] Check out this thread to get the latest copy as well as instructions on how to use it.

[/li]Note: Another popular tool for scanning DVD media is DVD Identifier. Check the Kprobe area of this guide for the link.


<a name=“Bitset”></a>3. -------------------------
[u]Bitsetting Utility (booktype.exe)
This tool allows you to burn your DVD+R discs with the DVD-ROM book type. Why would you want to do that? Well, some set top DVD players as well as the Xbox/PS2 will not read DVD+R discs. This usually isn’t because they can’t read them, but because the manufacturer set the player to block the +R book type! This tool will greatly increase compatibility.

[ul][li] The CD Freaks thread about this tool can be found here.
[/li][li] LiteOn now official supports the tool and has a direct download to the newest version on their website. Download it here.[/ul]
[/li]Note: Here is a list of all of the Liteon manufactured drives that officially support bitsetting. Listed firmwares are the oldest firmwares that support it (any newer ones released since then will work).

Retail Liteon's that support bitsetting:
LITE-ON DVD+RW LDW-[b]401S   ES0K[/b] 2004/02/13 15:52
LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-[b]411S    FS0G[/b] 2003/12/17 20:15
LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-[b]451S    GSB7[/b] 2004/01/15 10:53
LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-[b]811S    HS0J[/b] 2003/12/16 14:55
LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-[b]851S    GS0A[/b] 2003/12/15 14:58
LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-[b]812S   US0J[/b] 2004/04/14 11:17
LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-[b]832S   All firmware support bit setting[/b]
LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-[b]1213S   All firmwares support bit setting[/b]

OEM (rebadged) drives that support bitsetting:
DVDRW   DRW-[b]1S41         FSGA[/b] 2004/01/13 11:39
DVDRW   DRW-[b]1S45         GBG3[/b] 2004/01/15 10:50
DVDRW   DRW-[b]1S81         HSG8[/b] 2004/01/13 11:20
TEAC    DV-[b]W58G          H4S3[/b] 2004/03/19 17:01

Note II: Any version (even older ones) of 812S firmware can work with bit setting if you use the Bitsetting Patcher found below first.

<a name=“Auto-Bitset”></a>4. -------------------------
[u]Auto Bitsetting Patcher
This tool patches firmware so that your drive will default to the DVD-ROM booktype when burning +R/+RW discs. If you use this tool you won’t have to use a tool to set booktype to DVD-ROM before burning. You can still use the Bitsetting program to change the booktype to some other setting if desired. You must first patch the firmware and then load this firmware onto your drive.

  • [li]Note: this tool has been merged with the new [thread=97590]OmniPatcher tool[/thread].

[/li]Note: If you are using an older version (pre-US0J) of 812S firmware you must use the Bitsetting Patcher found below first.

<a name=“Bitset812S”></a>5. -------------------------
[u]Bitsetting Patcher (bs_812hack.exe)
This tool will patch pre-US0J 812S firmware (official LiteOn or OEM rebadage firmware) to enable bitsetting support. You must first patch the firmware (or download a pre-patched copy) and then load this firmware onto your drive. Once loaded you will be able to bit set +R/+RW disc to DVD-ROM.

  • [li]To find out more and to download the tool and/or some pre-modded firmware head to this thread.


Region Free

<a name=“LtnRPC”></a>6. -------------------------
[u]LtnRPC (Region Free Utility)
This tool will remove the region restrictions from most LiteOn drives (so you can play any DVD regardless of region).

[ul][li] Important. This tool is different than RPCDE/RPCDE2 and liteonutil! These other tools can destroy your LiteOn drive!
[/li][li] You can find the LtnRPC utility in this thread[/ul]
[/li]Note: If you did use RPCDE/RPCDE2/liteonutil and your drive light is a constant orange read through this or this thread for possible help on how to fix it.

Firmware Flashing & Extraction

<a name=“FlashFix”></a>7. -------------------------
This tool patches the official LiteOn firmware executable (.exe) to allow flashing back to an older version firmware. It is simpler than mtkflash (doesn’t need a .bin and runs from windows) yet just as effective for flashing back. The tool is not a flasher in itself; it only patches/unlocks the official LiteOn firmware.

[ul][li] Go here for the newest version of FlashFix.
[/li][li] Hint: FlashFix won’t work if the firmware is set to ‘read only’ (to turn off; Right click the firmware .exe in Windows Explorer > Select Properties > Uncheck read only box).[/ul]
[/li]Note: This tool is not for recovering a dead drive, (see next tool for that) its primary purpose is to flash back to an older firmware.
Note II: We recommend you always back up your current firmware before flashing. This tool does not backup your current firmware. Use the LiteOn Flash Tool (or mtkflash) found below for that.

<a name=“mtkflash”></a>8. -------------------------
The DOS based mtkflash is one of the original tools to backup and flash the firmware on your drive. It can be used on most LiteOn CD drives as well as DVD burners. Check here for a list of supported drives.
Why would you need this tool?
By far the best use for this tool is to try recovering a “bad” drive. If for whatever reason (flashing went wrong, flashed to wrong firmware, etc.) it can almost always restore the firmware and fix the drive! It also allows flashing back to any firmware version you would like.
You will need a binary (.bin) version of your firmware instead of the standard executable (.exe) found on LiteOn’s webpage. If you cannot find a .bin for your drive see the Firmware links at the bottom of this guide. You can also use XFlash-X or LiteFirm below to extract the .bin file from a .exe for yourself.[ul][li] Many versions of mtkflash can be found here. You can also find a good collection of firmware including some binaries.
[/li][li] The CD Freaks mtkflash guide can be found here (the second post). The guide is somewhat dated at the moment so it is a good idea to rely more on the information found at the website above. I posted it because that is where you should post questions on mtkflash.[/ul]
[/li]Note: This is a very powerful tool and can flash your firmware to anything you want, including the wrong firmware! Make sure you are using the correct firmware for your drive before you flash and always back up your current firmware if you can!

<a name=“FW”></a>9. -------------------------
[u]Firmware Flashing Tool
Windows based alternative to mtkflash (read above). Also uses binary (.bin) firmware to flash drives. Provides firmware; flashing, backup, checksum and compare. A nice little bonus is that no reboot is required. Unlike mtkflash this tool only works with LiteOn manufactured drives.

  • [li] Go here for the CD Freaks thread on this tool and the download link.

[/li]Note: Cannot be used for dead/unrecognized drives that are not detected in Windows. See mtkflash for that.

<a name=“xflashx”></a>10. -------------------------
[u]XFlash-X (XFlash eXtractor)
This tool is designed to extract binary (.bin) files from LiteOn’s executable (.exe) firmwares (the newer ones that use XFlash). These .bin files can then be used with Mtkflash or with LtnFW. Useful if you cannot find a .bin copy of your firmware.

  • [li]CD Freaks thread for questions and to download the tool can be found here.

[/li]Note: Only works with XFlash firmwares.

<a name=“LiteFirm”></a>11. -------------------------
This tool is designed to extract binary (.bin) files from LiteOn’s executable (.exe) firmwares (older ones that do NOT use XFlash). These .bin files can then be used with Mtkflash or with LtnFW. Useful if you cannot find a .bin copy of your firmware.

  • [li]The LiteFirm hompage can be found here and the LiteFirm thread is here.

[/li]Note: Does NOT work with LiteOn DVD burners. See the XFlash-X tool found above to extract firmware for LiteOn DVD burners.

<a name=“LtnFlash”></a>12. -------------------------

  • [li] Find CD Freaks policy as well as what the program does in this thread.


Performance Tweaks & Mods

<a name=“omni”></a>13. -------------------------
A very easy-to-use graphical do-it-all tool to increase the burning speed of low-speed media, increase the reading speed of burnt DVD media, enable auto-bitsetting, speed up and fine-tune high-speed burns, fix the blinking orange light problem, and enable crossflashing. Make a custom patched firmware tailored for your own needs with this tool!

  • [li]CD Freaks thread for questions and to download the tool can be found [thread=97590]here[/thread].

[/li]Note: (if using the OmniPatcher to increase the burning speed limit) Burning at speeds higher than the media is rated may produce a significant reduction in write quality. Test your media (with Kprobe) and compare burns at the rated speed to burns at the hacked speed to determine for yourself if the results are acceptable.
Note II: (if using the OmniPatcher to increase the burning speed limit) Although the tool does work on 4_1S drives it will not allow 8x writing. You will need to overclock your drive to get 8x (+R) writing.
Note III: The OmniPatcher can also be used to do 401S@411S / 451S@851S / 812S@832S (see below for 411S@811S).

<a name="@811S"></a>14. -------------------------
[u]411S to 811S mod (aka Z-mod V4.0)
The well developed tool used by enthusiast members to upgrade their old LDW-411S DVD writer to the more current LDW-811S DVD writer.

[ul][li]The official site of the Z-mod and its download links can be found here. Please note that signup is required in order to obtain the Z-mod and can be found in the members section. The official forum of the Z-mod is also resident on this site.
[/li][li]CD Freaks semi-official thread for questions on the mod can be found here.[/ul]
[/li]Note: please read <a href="#warn">this</a> warning section before modifying your drive.
Note II: The OmniPatcher found above is used for any other DVD burner overclocks

Technical Definitions

[ul][li] Firmware
[/li][li] EEPROM
[/li][li] What is DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-VCD, DVD-SVCD?
[/li][li] Explanations of common video terms[/ul]
<a name=“useful”></a>Useful Links

[ul][li] codeguys webpage, many great tools and modified firmware’s
[/li][li] LiteOn’s official firmware download area
[/li][li] The firmware page
[/li][li] dhc014’s firmware page
[/li][li] Media codes [thread=93797]explained[/thread]
[/li][li] DVDrHelp’s DVD Player VCD,SVCD,CD-R/W,DVD±R/W Compatibility list[/ul]

Please use the search button before posting. The same questions are often asked many times.
If you have any suggestions for the improvement of this thread please private message me!
Final note ©®: If you post or link the contents of this thread please pay credit where credit is due, including:

Revision history (1.0-2.60)
3.00 New tools: Readhacker, Bitsetting Patcher. Also did a design overhaul, classified/organized all tools into easier to read sections and made misc. improvements to layout
3.10 Complete review of the entire collection. Many various edits for grammar, clarity and overall cohesiveness
3.11 812S Bitsetting Patcher now supports +RW
3.12 812S firmware version US0J now support bit setting (does not need to be patched)
3.20 New tool: Auto-Bitsetting Patcher (bs_auto.exe)
3.21 Added link to “Media Codes Explained”
3.22 Removed old reference in SmartBurn section
3.23 SmartBurn 3.1.8 released. Linked to new thread
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3.27 Added another link to Note in LtnRPC section
3.28 A few links changed because of forum upgrade, fixed them
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3.31 Removed LDW851FP in favor of using OmniPatcher instead
3.32 Updated bit setting section with new drives

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