812s sloooooow burn help

recently bought that 812s external dvd burner. so far ive only burned 1 cd successfully only because i left it on all night to burn. it took 10 hours and 45 mins to burn a 2.3 gig dvd. i have a memorex external dvd burner too. the memorex burner worked fine for about 5 dvdr’s then after that it started burning slow, but i thought it was just the burner so thats when i got the liteon one. Now i have 2 practically new dvd burners that dont work right. im using a usb 2.0 card and nero 6. Any help would be greatly appreciated

More information needed, esp discs type used. Are you getting same problem with +R or -R discs. Operating system ahd hardware info would also be useful. Burns over 1 hour usually means major problems - either media or hardware/setup problems.

same problem i am having, but first disk burned was ok using dvd shrink now, when burning, red light blinks rapidly & took 4 hours to burn 25% . read forums quite a bit and upgraded firmware & still slooooooowww
please offer GUIDANCE :confused:

using optorite 8x dvd+r blanks & firmware version is USON