812S Only keeps blinking!



I purchased it new. All that it does is blink when I put any media and then hang the comp.

While booting, it boots nicely but gives read error after a while.

Kindly advice possible remedies.

Thanks and regards.




Please start with reading the sticky threads HERE. :smiley:

BTW, next time pls provide more info about your HW, OS and the media you are using…


I am using it on MSI K7N2G-ILSR Mobo, Duron 800MHz, Kingston 512MB DDR333. It is unable to read any dvd’S AND only reads and packet writes to some media.


Yeh, I think you just answered the cause to your problem… :cool:

Try to disable/remove any packet writing program[-s] like; Nero InCD, EasyCDCoaster DirectCD, Sonic DLA; aso.
Disable any virtiul drive (deamon, alcohol aso…)

And update your nVidia nForce chipset drivers. If this does´t help, remove IDE/ATAPI channel and install default M$ drivers.
Edit; latest K7N2 drivers

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