812S ok now for -R media?

I read the first tests of the 812S and they seemed to indicate that it didn’t wite -R media as good as other comparable drives. With recent firmware changes does this drive now write well to -R media… even cheaper -R media?


Stick to +R and you will be fine

Thanks… but +R is too hard to come by where I am, hence the post. If the 812S isn’t that good at -R then what drive is?


I haven’t had my 812S that long but I have only burned dvd-r with it. I burned 1 Ritek G04 and about 20-25 Ritek M02. All that were burned at their rated speed work and have acceptable kprobe scans. Three out of the five M02s I burned at 8x worked fine and had kprobe results that were either the same or better than the 4x burns. However after getting 2 coasters at 8x I decided I wasn’t going to risk wasting media to save 5 minutes. I also burned 4 M02s at 6x and they all work and have kprobe scans better or equal to the 4x burns.

When I bought the drive I was worried about burning cheap -r media because you hear so many mixed results. Some say they burn nothing but ritek or prodisc -r media and have great results. Others say every ritek -r disc they try to burn is a coaster. I didn’t know what to believe so I took the risk and decided if I couldn’t burn cheap media I would just pay the extra for the good stuff. But it is burning the cheap stuff fine for me so I will continue to use it.

thanks Oats… I assume that burning cheap +R media would be even better, though, as you say, you haven’t tried that. BTW, is there any particular reason why people seem to stick to -R more than +R? … media price/availability?.. player compatibility?