812S not burning at 8x




I just got an 812s and some Datawrite 8x DVD media, but have one problem. Nero doesn’t let me burn higher than 4x; is there any reason why this is happening? I have upgraded to latest firmware etc. and cd-writing works at 40x fine.




Maybee people @ LiteON know that DataWrite media are SHITS and do not allow higher speed than 4X?!?


The new Datawrite Gray (is this what you’re referring to?) is FUJIFILM03. For some unknown reason, LiteOn hasn’t added support for this media type. Dunno why. It’ll probably be supported in a future firmware revision.


I guess if u really want to, u can speedhack it. Check code65536’s sig


shakes head That would’ve been my first suggestion if that was the solution. :slight_smile: But you can’t speedhack a media code that is unsupported (i.e., not present in the media code table).


gotta excuse me, that was one of my Homer moments… if it was the case, of course u woulda said that.


hmm I’m expecting some of those Datawrite Greys, bit of a waste if they don’t write at 8x :expressionless:

:EDIT: Actually did I read somewhere these were actually renamed Prodiscs? Would be be possible to change the ProdiscS04 entry in the firmware to FUJIFILM03?


Just hang onto them until the next firmware revision. 8x -R is still very new (this is the first time FUJIFILM03 has been out on the market, AFAIK), and many drives are still having media support issues with various 8x -R media.

(Personally, I would’ve tried to get some +R media instead of -R media… in a LiteOn, good 4x +R can trounce good 8x -R any day in terms of both compatibility and quality).

Edit: (in response to your edit…) Yes, you can change the ProdiscS04 code to FUJIFILM03 if you really want. I dunno how well this would work out. If you’re right about the two media types being the same, then it’ll work well. Otherwise, it’ll probably make you a lovely coaster.


+R disks cost a fortune over here in UK, You can get 25 of these 8x datawrites for about £11, where as 25 Ricohjpn 4x DVD+Rs cost around £17. Or a pack of 25 RitekG05 8x -Rs cost about £13. It’s just not worth buying +R media over here.

I might aswell try having a mess round with the firmware, nothing to lose other than a couple of disks :slight_smile:



In the USA, 4x +R is cheaper than 8x -R.

I’ve actually never owned a piece of 8x-certified media, come to think of it. Everything I burn is speedhacked at overspeed. :wink:


I think +R are also cheaper in the rest of Europe, it’s this odd country I live in :stuck_out_tongue:


Are there special licensing/taxes/fees on +R that cause the price to be so high?


I’m not really sure, +R just doesn’t seem to be as popular over here. So I suppose -R disks can be bought in bigger bulk, just a guess though.


thanks guys, i’ll just wait for a firmware upgrade i guess :slight_smile:

Incidentally, I burnt my first dvd at 1x (had a sample lying around from 16 months or so ago) and then used one of the datawrite greys at 4x and I was impressed with the speed anyway (took about 14 minutes for an entire dvd)… here am i, remembering burning a cd-rw at 1x years and years ago… :slight_smile:





Not cheaper here anyway…and I think the same goes for the rest of Scandinavia.

BTW, DVD +/-R´s ~ priced the same. :wink:



priced the same? thats how u know ur gettin ripped off on ur -r prices



Have´t bought any DVD-R´s for the last 3-4 months… :smiley:


I think it is suported in US0N