812S in North America?



Is this available in North America yet? If so, can anyonepoint me in any directions… If it isn’t, is there an ETA? I have looked around through search engines but didn’t see anything… What is the price slated to be?


Newegg has the beige OEM for $125.00, the black OEM for $127.00, and the beige retail boxed version of $130.00


Darn… Newegg does not ship to Canada…


zipzoomfly.com had the 812S as well, not sure about the shipping to Canada though.


812S in Canada for $162CND. Dang only $10 more then what I bought my 411S for 2 months ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Ssseth… Now if only NCIX would get their ass in gear and get it as well, Iw ould be able to pay by CC…

Just as I posted this, I notice that they are going to be getting them… a little more then at ATIC… but there is always pricematch feature…