812s, how to improve this result:


i did the first DVD +R burn with my 812s, on the liteon media provided in the retail package, which is RICOHJPNR02 8x, here is the result of kprobe.

it seems so bad, high error rate :sad: :frowning:
how can i improve it? using 832s firmware (vs08) or omnipatch with media tweaks, strategy switch…
i am using the US0N firmware, the official liteon version (not onipatched).

at the end of the kprobe, it started to give servo error 030900, after the real limit of the disk length (kprobe didn’t detect the end correctly?).

i will buy mcc002 verbatim soon, will they be better?

with this high rate of errors, will the DVD be ok, read well, or shall i make another copy? i made a file-by-file compare and only a couple of files were bad (bad crc), the rest was readable. will it live normal or with these errors have less lifetime?

BTW: the burns of CDR (verbatim datalife plus, mcc) are extra great, very low errors.

Don’t worry about those free dvds, they must be poor quality because I also had my burns failed on both free dvds +R -R

Plus one was 4X and the other 8x

I have obtained excellent results with Verbatim mcc002 based disc’s at 8X with the 832s (VS08), the 2nd best results so far at 8X right behind the top performing Ricoh jp-1 based DVD+R’s.

The Verbatim disc’s were the “movie reel” type (they were cheap a month ago with an instant rebate offer, otherwise they are too expensive!).

i think the ricohs were fixed with omnipatcher reccomended tweaks…and you dont have to upgrade to 832 to use omnipatcher. :wink: