812S firmware update strategy

I used to remember that 812S has two set of firmwares. One is the Lite-on hack, and one is 812S@832, quite easy to decide.

But now with so many conflicting burning results, I don’t know whether I should go for which one, if I want “stability.”

I currently have US0N.

so, no words of wisdom from anybody? Maybe the answer is still inconclusive?

My understanding is that the 812S firmware and 832S firmware are the same, except the 832S firmware has the DL mediacodes in it, so unless you want to burn dual layer or the media you are using isn’t supported in your current firmware there really isn’t any reason to upgrade or cross grade.

us0n seems to burn a bit better for -r from what i have seen

Hi all:

i’m using the omnipatch to patch usoq fw for my 812s. i applied the earlier shift and force-shifting strategy as well as enabling 6x and 8x speed hack to some of my stack of dvd medias (cmc 2.4x +R discs, ricoh r01 +r, tdkg02 -r, ritekg04-r, and prodisc s03-r discs). so far attempting an 8x burn on the philips 2.4x cmc r01 +r disc. failed the first burn near 10% using the orlogix recordnow dx 4.5. Trying Nero with 8x speed as well. Seems to be burning very smoothly. The initialization/ calibration stage of the disc was much faster as well.

Will run kprobe to see if i get any decent scans.

Btw, can anyone share their successful writing strategies/ firmware used on the 812s with their favorite medias?

Much Obliged!


hmm… got crazy errors towards the end of the disc. Did a quick playback and found that the disc (LOTR-ROTK) starts skipping around 1 hour 20 minutes into the movie. The skipping is very sever. i’m attemping another burn. This time will try 4X burn and using the “apply recommended media tweaks” option in OP.