812S firmware trouble




My driver has firmware 03 and works fine with EAC and NERO burning 4x DVD etc.

But if change to 0J or anything other than 03 my driver doesent work well.
In EAC i get 1.5x rippings but with 03 i get 9-10x.
In NERO it dosent find the media in the driver.

I have tried with the exe from lite-on in windows and some bin files in windows and dos.

Maby I’m doing soething wrong.


To be honest, I don´t think firmware has anything to do with your ripping problems in EAC… :cool:

From what I can see, this is almost the same problem you had some time ago
Have you ever tried to burn DVD´s with your drive? That´s what it´s designed for.



Ok why does it work fine with the 03 firmware? But not with other firmwares. (and yes with the same settings)
And yes i have burned dvd with NERO (if you read my first post), works fine in 4x and 8x with firmware 03 but not with others.

There was not a problem “some time ago” I just wondered what lead in and out was that has nothing to do with my problem with firmwares.

Thanx for your reply any how. :slight_smile:


I’m having the same problem as you are, although I haven’t tried the 03 firmware. I’ve tried most of the recent ones, including the current V04 from the 832 drive. Extraction is slow – it seems like EAC doesn’t properly spin up the drive. I say that because when I extract with Easy CD-DA Extractor and rip at max speed, it rips it quite fast and I can hear the usual drive spin up. If I do this, cancel the rip, and then go back to EAC and rip, it rips at the proper speed of ~10.0x. This makes me wonder if it’s the firmware or EAC…I sure hope it’s the firmware, because we all know how often EAC is updated.

I posted this same problem on the EAC forums hoping for a response. No luck yet.


I’ve actually just confirmed that audio extraction with Exact Audio Copy works perfectly with the US03 firmware, but nothing later. I sent an email to LiteOn detailing the problem and hopefully they will look into the issue and see whether it’s a firmware or EAC issue.