812s extreme slow burn HELP

hi all,
i thought i’d test my new 812s burner and entered the 8x dvd+r that came with my burner. It is currently at 71% after 3 hours and 47 minutes of burning…what is happening??

its on my secondary master. im using nero 6 ultra and was simply making an iso DVD with 4400mb’s of data…

i left my overnet (kind of emule/kazaa client) on by accident, could this be the cause of this dreadfully slow burn?

im really starting to worry :frowning:

tia, John

Yeah it could most likely affect the Burning speed, the p2p sharing program, try disabling it, it most likely will solve your problem. Remember at 8x your HD’s have to deliver 11mb/s. And if you have 5-10 strings UL/DL from your hd it most certain can’t deliver that.

And make sure DMA is enabled.

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And make sure DMA is enabled.